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Located in Woodbury a few miles east of Saint Paul, we offer core aeration. Core aeration is highly recommended every year and should be on the to do list as a part of your turf’s schedule. The best time for aeration is autumn. The core aerator will plug three-inch holes into the soil which will relieve compaction.

This also allows water, air, grass seed and fertilizer to reach the root zones of the soil. Core aeration should be part of your annual lawn care maintenance program. Aerating your lawn is typically performed in the fall, but as an added measure of benefit this service can also be performed in the spring. We recommend aerating at least once per season.

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What is core aeration?

Core aeration is the mechanical process of punching 3” holes into the lawn’s surface. As the aerating machine punches the holes into the ground the machine is simultaneously pulling plugs of dirt onto the turf. The left over soil plugs are nutrient rich and will embed themselves back into the lawn’s soil naturally within a short period of time.

Why perform core aeration

What are the benefits?  Over time every lawn’s soil becomes compacted due to thatch and foot and lawn mowing traffic (which brings up another great service for lawn maintenance, thatching.) When the soil is compacted, this prohibits grass from rooting into the deeper and more nutrient rich soil several inches below the surface of the lawn.

When important nutrients do not reach the roots of your soil, the result is less healthy turf. Soil compaction is a very common occurrence, but with the service of core aeration this prohibits soil compaction and enables grass blades to root into the deeper and more nutrient rich soil.

Another benefit of core aeration is, it enables the turf to better absorb water and nutrients more effectively. Fertilization is also a great way to promote healthy turf growth. Another great result of core aeration is the presence of fewer weeds. Weeds pose a problem for healthy turf growth.

Weeds consume the water and nutrients which grass needs to grow.Core aeration enables nutrients and water to be used more efficiently grass growth will be stronger and more robust. As a result, your grass will be much healthier and will be able to better defend itself from weed growth.

 Do You Know The Square Footage Of Your Turf?

We provide free estimates for residential and commercial properties around Woodbury, Minnesota. So if you do not know the square footage of your turf, give us a call to set up an appointment for your free measurement.

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