Terms of Service

We strive to communicate quickly and efficiently in our estimates and list of services, but some details are needed in our terms of Service.

Weekly mowing is typically very routine; but in situations where irrigation systems are running too much or too much rain within a short amount of time will cause the lawn growth to spike. In these situations; a weekly mowing may need to be double cut when our crews are out for the lawn to look optimal aesthetically. If this is warranted and customer desires; we would have to charge a small fee to compensate for the additional time on site.

Snow removal is typically a “one service visit” per snow storm. If the City of Woodbury clears city roads after we have already cleared a driveway; they will often throw snow back into the driveway that we had already cleaned. To help alleviate this, we do our best to clear in front of the driveway on the street; sometimes plowing an entire street. But, we do not have the luxury to wait until the City of Woodbury clears the streets; our customers would not wait that long and we agree. So, when and if the City of Woodbury clears streets and throws snow back into the driveways after we have already cleared the driveway; Hansen’s Lawn Care will not be responsible to “clear again” the snow at the end of the driveway. We can however come back for a small fee of $25 per driveway.

For our weekly lawn mowing customers we ask that you water your lawn enough to ensure we can mow weekly as we will need to charge every week to perform the services of on going maintenance.   In the event of a lower amount of rainfall/irrigation; we would still charge whether we mow or not. The reason is because when the grass is growing really fast and our crews have to spend more time double cutting the lawn, extra blowing and extra trimming, we’re not charging extra during this time; so we think this all balances out nicely.

Year to year and season to season brings a lot of changes. As markets adjust to everything in the market place and the world…this has a very real affect on the pricing of goods and services. We don’t need to rattle off a list of increased prices of goods; everyone knows; and for this reason and simplicity; we reserve the right to raise prices from year to year or season to season 3-5% as a standard method automatically applied to alleviate or offset the increased price it costs us for products such as fuel, snow plows, trucks, tractors and labor etc or as needed Our desire is to only do this as needed. We make a great effort to offset price increases by increasing market share and therefore density. This is not always feasible to the level of increases the market displays for goods and services.

We are located near Saint Paul in Woodbury, Minnesota. Our outdoor property management service areas can be found in Woodbury, Oakdale, Lake Elmo, Cottagre Grove, Afton, Lakeland, Stillwater.

Our affordable lawn care, landscape and snow services are for established residential and commercial properties. We specialize in fitting not only every budget requests, but also appointment promptness.

Hansen’s Lawn Care strives towards building long-lasting and satisfied relationships, that will compel you to refer your friends, family and co-workers.


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