Snow Removal

MinneSnowta winters for the year round resident is not so surprising, so to see snow plowing trucks everywhere is a natural sight. For those who have either just moved here or are visiting, this can be a culture shock!
Hansen’s Lawn Care provides snow plowing, snow blowing, and snow shoveling to our service area. Please inquire if your city is in our selected area.

Snow Plowing Commitment

Our snow plowing commitment to you consists of a 24/7 monitoring of all weather reports and properties. If you have not yet signed on for snow plowing for your property, don’t wait until it’s shocking!

Affordable Snow Plowing and Roof Rates

Along with great lawn care rates, our snow services offer very affordable rates also. Our rates are very competitive with other companies in our industry, but our service is the most reliable in your area.

Residential or commercial clients can rest assured when we’ve arrived promptly and completed the job right the first time.



Snow Removal Woodbury, Minnesota


Ice Dam Prevention

Ice dams can cause water damage to your home and are a sure contributor. Icicles hanging from your roof are usually the first signs of ice dams forming. Roof repairs can be very costly.  Attempting any roof repairs during the Minnesota winter months can be very inconvenient.

Roof Snow Removal

Roof snow removal is often overlooked until it’s too late. We highly recommend that when 4″ or more of snow has fallen, you remove at least 8′-10′ from the edge of the roof line to prevent Ice Dams.

When an over-abundance of snow is present on your roof, the snow brings a ton of unwanted weight to the ceiling of your roof. You must remove this immediately to avoid any possibility of collapsing.

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